Dealership Offer

ORI Technology seeks software Distributors, Resellers, or Individuals with expertise in business and sales management for promotion, sales and support of our software products across Kolkata and India. Our generous business proposition offers lucrative incentive to boost your bottom line.

If you are already an existing reseller, selling software products or a startup company looking for a business opportunity with us, you are requested to submit your complete business profile at or speak to Mr. Suvabrata Ghosh (Business Development Manager) at +918584030413


FAQ on Dealership (Frequently asked question)

Would I get free software if I sign up for ORI Technology Dealer ship?

Yes, you would be entitled to get free dealer copy for your personal or business use, however this needs to be renewed periodically and will expire if dealership terminates.

Can I sell dealer copy?

No, Dealer copy cannot be sold or transferred.

Can I use Dealer copy Post termination of dealer ship?

No, you would not be able to enter any new data; however you would be able to view the old data. You can purchase the license edition where the data would be migrated.

I am new to software selling, would ORI Technology help me in selling?

Yes, ORI Technology would provide complete sales and support training. Onsite visit can be provided on case to case basis

What is the benefit if I sell or promote ORI Technology products only?

Yes, as an exclusive dealer you would get added benefits. Contact us to know more

Would I get exclusive dealership for the region?

Yes, you could be exclusive dealer for your region. Contact us to know more

Would enquiry be passed to me for my region?

Yes, you would get this benefit, but terms and conditions applied.

What about after sales support?

All support calls/mails would be handled by ORI Technology or by the dealer depends on AMC contract.

I am individual, hence I would like the customer should be directly billed by ORI Technology, is this option available?

Yes, ORI Technology can do direct billing also

Would I get some promotional material for marketing?

Yes, ORI Technology will provide you with promotional material like brochure, Demo CDs , hoarding, banner etc